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Lantern Information

This lantern was invented by K. Nipun Darshana Silva. The Lantern has highly accurate angles and neatly cut sticks to make it's neatness a success.  Plastic pieces are made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDP) Plastic. Each stick is 10 inches long and has 7mmx5mm thickness.

The Lantern is protected under the copyright and intellectual property law, so any attempt of unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this lantern, any portion of it, or any of this type of idea may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.




Each lantern is priced at 160 Rupees. If you buy more than 25 lanterns you could have them at a rate of 150 Rupees per lantern.

Special prices could be arranged for Companies and Shops or Individuals who would like to buy for resale.

For purchasing and information please contact us :



This lantern was invented by K. Nipun Darshana Silva in the age of 14.
The Lantern is protected under the copyright and intellectual property law.
More than 4000 lanterns have been sold in the market from April to May 2004.
People can grow their no. of lanterns that lights up in the Vesak, year by year.
As the lantern was introduced, people tend to make Atapattam lanterns than before.
The Lantern kit includes everything to make a lantern from sticks to the thread that hangs the lantern.
In Vesak- 2004 Ceylon Electricity Board was decorated entirely using Purnima Atapattam Vesak lanterns!
2006 South Asian Games held in Sri Lanka was decorated using more than 1000 Purnima Atapattam Vesak Lanterns.
Using the appropriate size of the stick, a lantern of any size could be prepared.



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Here are some comments expressed about the Purnima Atapattam Vesak Lantern.

"Light up a lantern and see little children light up their faces as lanterns glow in the Vesak Day."
- Hasantha Hettiarachchi(Dadibidis)-ITN 'Atapattama'

"We made your lantern. It's superb. We found very easy to make it. Well done. We wish you all the best. We appreciate your idea. Thank you."
- Sumudu-Dehiwala

"By now, markets are flooded with decorating items including beautiful lanterns of varied sizes, shapes and myriad of hues; yet, for a Buddhist these items, which one can easily buy, might not bring as much joy as lighting up a lantern made by his/her own labour."
- The Ceylon Daily News 2004/04/29


This lantern was publicized in many newspapers in Sri Lanka. Including Daily News, Silumina and  Vidusara.

Sri Lanka's most popular TV program- 'Atapattama' of ITN  and 'Good Morning Sri Lanka' of Sirasa TV have broadcasted  about this lantern. ITN World Service and 'Lakhanda' Radio have broadcasted about this lantern too.


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